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Popcorn Trailer is an American entertainment company that produces and distributes original content— films, series, documentaries, and commercial production. 


We’re filmmakers at heart that support the growth of producers and directors through creative consultation, distribution and Connected TV advertising services.


Connected TV Advertising

Our advertising service (Ads by Popcorn Trailer) market businesses and film productions across the largest Connected TV networks during popular TV shows and movies.

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Film Advertising

We know film production is expensive, time consuming, and risky — so we created Ads by Popcorn Trailer to simplify the exposure process to help film makers share their art with the world using our TV advertisement ordering platform.

Business Advertising

We’ve worked with top brands to help grow their business on the largest TV networks. With Connected TV networks covering over 40% of households in major US cities, your marketing campaign will be seen by tens of millions in no time.

Connected TV Advertising

Are you a business owner with a 30 second video ad ready for marketing?

Are you a film producer with a 30 second trailer? 

Register to get access to our TV advertisement ordering platform. It’s the ultimate tool to connect your business with your customers. 

Connect with customers across the country by creating a campaign, uploading videos, and checking on analytics.

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About the founder

Popcorn Trailer

For over 20 years, Tim Williams has been a storyteller, crafting messages for everything from film, series, documentaries to commercial productions. Now he tells his own stories with Popcorn Trailer, the creative studio he built as a way to green light his own original productions.


Popcorn Trailer offers a full suite of services including production, sound and editing, distribution and advertising on Connected TV for businesses and film production companies to effectively reach their audience at any time locally or worldwide.

His previous years of experience in television helped expand Ads by Popcorn Trailer, including technology, advertising capabilities, and creating partnerships with third party vendors.


Businesses can now engage with households all over the world and deliver their message in a way that matches viewers’ interest.

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