About Popcorn Trailer

Popcorn Trailer, LLC is an American entertainment company that produces and distributes original content— films, series, short form and long form. The company provides over the top media services including original programing, video on demand, advertising, and distribution. Watch niche films in all genres, right here. We know original content.

Our Focus
1.) Original Content – We produce our own original films and series offered exclusively on Popcorn Trailer. We have a Popcorn Trailer Originals section on our platform. This content can be rented, purchased, or subscribed, and requires sign up access separate from our free curated films.

2.) Showcase Indie Films – Although we typically hand pick selections to support, we also offer paid film submissions to indie film makers as well. There is also an online premiere option for exclusive promotion on the site.

3.) Sponsorship – We offer advertisement sponsorship, however never directly on or during films we showcase for free. The sponsorship is solely for original content produced by Popcorn Trailer. For example, True Journey Series.

Our original content provide opportunities for businesses to reach audiences locally, regionally and nationally, using optimized mobile advertising campaigns. Our campaign strategies are transparent and specific to each brand.