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Popcorn Trailer is an American entertainment company that produces and distributes original content— films, series, and documentaries. We're connecting with some of the best undiscovered filmmakers and providing distribution worldwide. Plus our advertising division promote brands big and small to help market their message across the largest connected TV networks and prime time shows.


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About the Founder

About Popcorn Trailer

Tim Williams founded Popcorn Trailer in 2012, an entertainment production company built as a way to green light his movie productions after moving from his hometown Richmond, Virginia. After seeing so many missed distribution opportunities as an independent filmmaker himself, the idea to launch a streaming platform for acquisition and distribution was born. His previous years of experience in television helped expand the platform technology, advertising capabilities, and negotiate rights with content owners. Now Popcorn Trailer is a growing team of passionate creatives and experience business professionals. The best is yet to come.

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