Popcorn Trailer, LLC is an American entertainment company that produces and distributes original content— films, series, short form and long form.

Our Focus
Original Content - We develop our own films and original series for SVOD and AVOD streaming platforms. We know original content.

Need an experienced production team with creative insight? The process is simple. Bring your idea and let us produce it from concept to completion. From television production, films, commercials, and events.  We have you covered.


About the Founder

Tim Williams is the founder of Popcorn Trailer, an entertainment production company built as a way to green light his movie productions after moving from his hometown Richmond, Virginia in 2012. He's known for True Journey (2018), a 22 minute documentary featuring an emerging talent from Texas, Ty Suite "The Voice Guitar Guy". In 2019, he independently produced and distributed a feature film titled Marked for Trade (2019).

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