Streaming Business Model

We focus on delivering titles on AVOD platforms. Other options include SVOD & TVOD.

Revenue Share

For every dollar that your title earns through Popcorn Trailer distribution, you get 60 percent and we get 40 percent.

Manage Rights

You are in control of where your content is distributed. We distribute on a non-exclusive basis worldwide and in select territories. Cancel Anytime.


You provide the content and we'll distribute.

We are currently building our Popcorn Trailer catalog both on Amazon and Tubi. Your title will be included on Popcorn Trailer platforms and third party platforms we negotiate with in the future.

Accepted Submissions: Film, TV, Docu-Series, and Web Series.

QC (quality control) automatically starts when we’ve received everything for your title. The process usually takes a week to 30 days. We will email you when it passes QC, or if anything comes up. When your title passes QC, it becomes available in our the global marketplace. From there the streaming services can review and select titles.

We deliver a custom asset package to the streaming service whenever there’s an order. Your title then gets processed by the streaming service. It usually takes another 2 - 4 weeks before it goes live. The selection process and time-frame varies and is out of our control. Anywhere from a few weeks to a few months is normal for a title selection period for platforms.

We will review your content and decide if the quality is align with our distribution standards. If selected, your title will be included on Popcorn Trailer and an opportunity to be seen in the Global Marketplace. We can't make a guarantee that your titles will be selected by any publisher outside of Popcorn Trailer. It's an open marketplace, we don’t control if or when your title will be selected by a curated streaming service. We rely on on relationships with the platform to get you seen.

Non-curated platforms such as Amazon Video and Vimeo on Demand accept all titles.

Selected Titles:

Whenever we deliver your title to a streaming service and it is selected we will notify you of its acceptance and handle all ingesting.

Each streaming service has their own procedure and time-frame. Some take only a few days, but in most cases please expect anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks.

On rare occasions of a QC fail/reject on the streaming services’ ends, we will first try to eliminate any issues first and redeliver. We will reach out to you if needed.

Popcorn Trailer pays you, the content owner, once a calendar quarter, on or before the last day of the quarter.

How Is My Payment Amount Calculated?

  • Your payment is calculated based on the amount received from your titles in the preceding calendar quarter.
  • We deduct our Twenty Percent (40%) revenue share and remit the rest to you.
  • You will receive a statement, prior to payment, showing you how we calculated the amount to be paid.

How Does My Money Get To Me?

  • Popcorn Trailer pays only via Google Pay *No Fees to You*
  • We pay in United States Dollars (US$).

What Do I Need To Do To Be Paid?

  • Have a Google Pay account setup, and make sure that your Google Pay email address is correct in the form submission.
  • Have complete information in the tax section using the form below.
  • We will also send a W9


  • Please submit in the highest quality available for both main video and trailer.
  • Video assets must not contain bars, slate, test-tone, pre-roll, post-roll (maximum 1 sec of black before film starts or after credits end).
  • No interlaced video assets.
  • Avoid having URLs or promo links (e.g. film website, Facebook page, available to download, etc.) anywhere in the film or trailer, including end credits.
  • Avoid having burned-in subtitles. For foreign language titles, English subtitles should be provided as separate SRT or SCC files.
  • We prefer interleaved stereo audio (1 audio stream, 2 channels: Left and Right). For multi-channel audio, stereo mix (Lt/Rt) must be included, and channel configuration should be specified.
  • Additional audio tracks such as silent tracks, M&E (music & effects) and commentary should be excluded.
  • Closed Caption Required

Codecs and file formats

We accept a wide range of codecs and file formats. Below are the ones we recommend.

  • Apple ProRes
    • Supported Container: .mov
    • Codec Details: 422, 422 HQ, 4444, 4444 XQ (not 422 LT, not 422 Proxy)
    • File Size: Unlimited
  • Avid DNxHD
    • Supported Container: .mov
    • Codec Details: 220, 145 (8 Bit only, not 220x, not 36)
    • File Size: 5gb max and less
  • AVC/H.264
    • Supported Containers: .mp4, .mov
    • Profile: High
    • File Size: Unlimited
    • Recommended bitrate:
      • For 1080p: 50 Mbps
      • For 720p: 30 Mbps
      • For SD: 15 Mbps
  • Audio Codec
    • Accepted audio formats: PCM, AC-3 or AAC, MPEG Layer II
    • Recommended sample rate: 48 kHzz
    • Recommended bitrate for lossy codecs: 320 Kbps (stereo, 48 kHz)

Frame rates

Please always export your videos in their original frame rates. Below are the frame rates we accept:

  • 23.976
  • 24
  • 25
  • 29.97
  • 30

Resolutions and aspect ratios

As long as the pixels are square (1:1 Pixel Aspect Ratio, no anamorphic pixels) and the picture is not stretched or squeezed, we accept almost all resolutions. No need to upscale/downscale or add black bars.

  • Client provides high quality logo
  • Please provide artwork for covers and thumbails
  • Send individual elements for creating additional sizes