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Interactive Photo Day Charlotte

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Selfie Museum by Popcorn Trailer Studios

Bring your camera and your friends for a DIY photo and video experience. Take Selfies using our creative themes for up to 1hr.

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Welcome to the Popcorn Trail Studios Selfie Museum, a unique destination created just for you! 

Get ready to dive into a world of imagination and capture amazing photos. With over 10 exhibits designed to enhance your social media content for fun or professional use. 


You can let your creativity shine using your own camera or phone.


Remember, the goal is to have fun and create memories, so don’t worry too much about perfection.

Embrace the spontaneity and enjoy the process of capturing unique and genuine moments.


Popcorn Trailer Studios is the #1 best selfie museum and interactive photo day Charlotte offers.


An Immersive Self Guided Experience

Through meticulous attention to detail, our exhibitions are skillfully recreated to inspire you to UNLOCK YOUR IMAGINATION .

Visitors are not mere spectators; they become active participants as they step into a three-dimensionally reconstructed environment, where they can engage with the surroundings, interact with objects, and immerse themselves in the atmosphere.


The goal is to create a profound sense of presence, blurring the line between reality and the exhibition itself.


By seamlessly integrating the visitor into this richly crafted world, this interactive photo day Charlotte provide an unforgettable journey that sparks curiosity, evokes emotions, and fosters a deeper understanding of creativity.


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Interactive Photo Day Charlotte

Interactive Photo Day Charlotte

Bring your camera and your friends for a DIY photo and video experience. 

Take Selfies at Popcorn Trailer Studios using our creative themes for fun or professional use.

Influencing or having an effect on each other.  (People or technlogy)
Museums that feature interactive exhibits offer their visitors the opportunity to actively engage with the displayed items and activities.
Rather than merely reading posted information, guests can actively participate through hands-on experiences.
An immersive exhibition is a distinct genre found in museums, designed to transport visitors to a different time and place.
It achieves this by recreating key elements of a specific world and actively involving the visitor in a three-dimensional reconstruction of that world.
Immersive experiences have the power to transport viewers into alternate realities, whether real or imagined, allowing them to actively manipulate and interact with their surroundings.
By skillfully combining visuals, sound, and cutting-edge technology, these experiences create captivating and unforgettable worlds that deeply engage the senses.
The result is an immersive encounter that leaves a lasting impression and offers an unparalleled level of engagement.
Within immersive experiences, individuals often find a sense of shared identity with fellow human beings, fostering feelings of safety and security.
The essence of our capacity to connect and comprehend others hinges upon the fundamental prerequisite of feeling safe and secure.

It’s an ongoing objective for you to share memories by taking photo or video selfies of you, family, friends, and colleagues.

At Popcorn Trailer, our purpose is to ignite creativity and metamorphose ideas into remarkable experiences.

Our family of companies includes Popcorn Trailer, Popcorn Trailer Studios Charlotte, and Ads by Popcorn Trailer.


Creativity and Innovation

We advocate for leveraging the force of creativity and innovation to transform ideas into impactful solutions.


Excellence and Quality

We maintain an unwavering dedication to excellence and quality across all facets of our endeavors.

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