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True Journey – Talent Sign Up


TRUE JOURNEY (created by Tim Williams) takes viewers around the world to explore the lifestyle of emerging talent as they develop ideas, face dilemmas, and grow as individuals.

Talent in a variety of industries submit by tagging #TrueJourneySeries for a chance to be featured. Only 6 people are chosen to share their story in this multi-episode documentary. Watch them embrace an opportunity to film life, through their lens.



An emerging music producer from Texas known as the “Voice Guitar Guy” shows his creativity with a unique instrument while also reflecting on a dream about his father.


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Episode 2 auditions are officially open as of 12/13/2019. Hand selected talent will take you behind the scenes to show you their creative lifestyles. We provide creative direction along the way to produce a seamless 22 minute episode. Select episodes will premiere at various film festivals, and all will live on Popcorn Trailer and other VOD partner platforms.

You’ll receive a treatment that simplifies this entire process. It tells you what to document everyday from the time you wake up in the morning to when you close your eyes at night. This takes place all in one week. The last stage is a post interview with questions that are developed based on your footage. These questions narrate and tell your story in a 22 minute episode.


This series is about the real you and getting people to relate to your journey. Your story is told in 2 ways.

  • Share an honest authentic side of you. For example, in episode 1 Ty Suite shared how a strange dream gave him closure about his father’s death. His father died from brain cancer when he was 14 years old.

  • Share an open experience about your life as a artist/musician/dancer.

  • It’s important that you have original music or art to use in True Journey for copyright reasons.


  • Get selected to showcase your talent in an episode to a large audience

  • We credit all talent with IMDB credit. Check IMDB for more details on True Journey – Episode 1.

  • Be marketed to thousand of people across the USA

  • Get paid to be feature in the episode with our streaming revenue sharing opportunity

If you want to be featured, get started in 2 easy steps.


  • Note: All audition registration information is required including a high quality picture.

  • Once you’ve submitted your registration information check your email for a confirmation.

  • If you have any questions come back to this page for information about True Journey


Follow us on IG: @truejourneyseries

Video Script: Before your performance say the following line.
 “My name is _______ and this is my True Journey”.

Record your video

Upload your video to Instagram and Tag us on IG:#truejourneyseries




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